What are your business challenges – they are definitely not just about the cost. It’s about improving your business processes while streamlining them and addressing operational woes. By outsourcing to a reliable service partner, you can drive desired business results.

Compilation Avenue offers cutting-edge services with faster turnaround time and guaranteed quality in the areas of Data Management, Multichannel Customer Service, and e-Commerce Support and Product Information Management Services.


Do you thrive to build a loyal customer base?

But as technology changes, so do the ways in which customers prefer to interact with companies. A sizable 83% of survey respondents agree that they expect more from customer service than ever before. Customer support organizations who adapt quickly serve the best chance of surviving the competition and boosting sales.

Compilation Avenue intends to help our clients balance the competing business objectives of improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and generating revenue. We support our clients grow and become more competitive while also managing risk and compliance by providing around-the-clock multichannel support experience.

Our Multi-channel Customer Service solutions include advanced analytics and social media services to drive smarter interactions and improve the customer experience.

Multi-channel Customer Service include sub-services

Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center
Customer Care
Email Support
LiveChat Support


At Compilation Avenue, our Data Management Services suite include these sub-services

Data Processing

Data Digitization


Data & Database Management

Purchase Order & Processing Services


Customers seek your attention in immediate and demanding ways. They are asking questions on Twitter, but if you are not fast enough in your response, they are jumping on to your Facebook page.

That new “Like” is actually just a subtle way of asking for help. Still not getting what they want, they seek out an email on their phone and request a call. Here’s when we come into the picture!

Our team emphasizes on understanding the how and why of the current state of customer expectations and offer the best solutions to meet those challenges which lead to an amazing customer service experience:

Customer Care
Order Enquiry, Taking and Processing
Retails and e- Commerce Answering Services
Complaint Management
Order Tracking and Status Enquiry
Order-Related Notifications
After-hours and Overflow Answering
Post-Sale Product Usage Guidance
Email Management
Live Chat Support
Product Data Entry
Product Data Cleansing
Product Catalog Management
Product Data Indexing and Archiving
Image Tagging
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